Materials and Techniques


 Pat Cheney





The materials we work in are the precious metals of gold and silver combined with traditional hot glass enamel and Tiffany style, studio Art Glass created for my jewellery by John Ditchfield at Glasform. This latter range we have called Chené d' Glas.

No two pieces are the same, because of the nature of the handwork in both enamel and the Chene d' Glas, this making each piece


This is particularly evident in the Chené d' Glas pieces.

In the traditional hot-glass technique, the molten glass is taken from a 'glory hole' onto a blow rod from where it is rolled in various colouring oxides and frits and re-heated to fuse the colours into the liquid glass before it is iridised and annealed. In fact one can see, in the finished piece, this movement and flow of the liquid glass over the surface.

This is not a technique that can be controlled enough to be repeated exactly and each piece of glass is made individually in this way - therein lies the art and fascination in each piece of jewellery.

I am always adding new designs to the collection, and now finding in my latest pieces a movement towards simpler lines and more three-dimensional shapes.

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